Dr. Jaytesh Pillay is an Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon, based at Mediclinic Kloof Hospital. Dr. Pillay is a Specialist Spinal Surgeon and has completed a Fellowship in Spinal Surgery, which means he is able to manage all spinal, back, and neck-related conditions. However, he is also a qualified Orthopaedic surgeon capable of handling all orthopaedic-related conditions.

The Spine and Spine related conditions are a complex region of the body. For this reason, Dr. Pillay adopts a very conservative approach to his treatment protocols. Patients are carefully worked up and every effort is made to avoid surgery using a multidisciplinary team approach, where surgery is only considered a last resort.

Dr Pillay has a special interest in children with Scoliosis, complex spine problems and in helping patients who have undergone previous unsuccessful spine surgeries to be pain free.

Dr. Pillay is one of a few Spinal surgeons in South Africa to be properly trained in Endoscopic Spine surgery (i.e. using a camera to operate the spine). He is also trained in minimally invasive spinal surgeries

He has also trained to perform scoliosis surgery under the guidance of the SRS (Scoliosis Research Society).

Dr. J Pillay is involved in academics being a part-time consultant/ Lecturer at Steve Biko Academic Hospital and is actively involved in training other surgeons in Endoscopy, Kyphoplasty, and other spinal surgeries.

Of note and perhaps the most significant and recent achievement is that in 2020 Dr. Pillay became the 1st surgeon in Africa to obtain the AO Spine Global Diploma Exam from the prestigious world-renowned AO Spine Foundation.

At Present Dr Pillay is also Serving on the AO Spine Board for South Africa as the Orthopaedics Officer.

In 2023 He was nominated under the category health for the South African Top 40 Under 40 Awards


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Back on track after successful scoliosis surgery

Doctors at Mediclinic Kloof performed complex, innovative surgery

Dr Pillay runs a multidisciplinary Spine Clinics with a full spinal team treating spinal conditions at Mediclinic Kloof Hospital (Spine At Kloof).